5 Top Tips to improve traffic to your website

Within our membership group at Create Your Way to Success we have had a few of our members asking about how to generate or improve traffic to your website. There seems to be this mythical idea that once your website is launched the orders will come flooding in all on their own. Oh, if only this were true… We’d all be wonderfully rich with orders! Unfortunately the harsh reality of it is you have to work really hard to get those clicks! So to help you with this, we have put together our Top 5 Tips on how to improve traffic to your website.
1. Advertise
Advertise your business on social media. In particular, we have found that Facebook ads work really well for the ladies in our group. Think really carefully about your imagery, a call to action and put some money behind a campaign. It’s a rally great way to improve traffic to your website, particularly to a product page.
2. Social Media
We can’t recommend strongly enough the power of being consistently active on your social media pages. It’s a real chance to give your potential customers the opportunity to really get to know and like you. Of course not every post should be promotional; in fact we wouldn’t recommend this. But by consistently appearing on people’s timelines you will be in the forefront of their mind. Not only
this; posting regularly will help you appear higher on Google’s rankings. We would recommend posting at least once a day on each of your social media channels.
3. Blogging
Ensure you are regularly writing and updating your website with blog posts. Once you start brainstorming you will realise that there are so many different subjects that you can write about. They needn’t be long posts – short and sweet is fine. The recommended number of words is around 300. Make sure they are rich in keywords, which are words that you think your customers might use to find you with on the internet. Google loves blog posts as it can see that your site is active and live. Blogging will help you rank higher on its
search engine results.
4. Interact with Local Social Media Groups
Ensure that you are interacting and posting links to your website in local social media groups. It’s a great way to raise awareness of your brand and encourage visitors to your website. Think about the type of groups that your target market will hang out in and add yourself as a member. Don’t be shy, be sure to interact and be proud of your website. Share your thoughts and ideas, comment and
build up a relationship with the community. People love supporting each other, especially other local businesses.
5. Add Links to Your Website
A massive tip to help with SEO is to ensure your site is rich with links to other websites. Have a brainstorm and think about how you could do this? For example, are there other local businesses that compliment yours and that you could add a link too? You could make the relationship reciprocal and they could link back to your website in return. You could set up a “Useful Resources”
page on your website or something similar. This also makes a really useful resource for your customers and shows that you’re great at building relationships and adding value.
We really hope that you’ve find these tips useful. They really are all easy to implement and our big piece of advice for you is to be consistent. Ensure you are trying to consistently work on all of these things and set out chunks of time though the week to work on them. As creatives we love working on making beautiful products, but this stuff is really important to help you get sales and visitors to your website. We promise you that with hard work and consistency it will pay in dividends and the benefits will be great. If you would like support with your business or would like to read more of our blogs then visit us at Create.