How to be your own boss and beat the shyness…

So you have a dream to start your own business working from home. You have done your research and think there is a good market for your products. Your investment money is waiting in the bank and you have ticked all your boxes for the preparation. You are set to go! But there is one thing that’s holding you back – your confidence, or rather, lack of it. Do you feel confident about the quality of your products but don’t feel you are a sales person? How about talking to potential customers whom you don’t know? What if they don’t like you, or don’t like your business, how will you cope? You have come this far so don’t let something that we can help with stop you from achieving what you know you can do.

Being prepared to show how good your business is…

There are many practical lists on how to be your own boss, but what about the ones dealing with how you actually feel? Some business owners just simply have the flair for sales and are able to be best friends with everyone they meet. There are others to whom this does not come naturally. This doesn’t mean to say the latter will be any less successful. Working from home or for yourself means that it is down to you to secure those sales so how will you do it if you are shy?

Top tips to be your own boss even if you are shy…

  1. Your business is your baby. You may need advice and coaching on running a business from home- who doesn’t? Multi million pound companies need advice just as much as home businesses. We are not born automatically knowing everything there is to know. But you do know everything about the dreams behind your business, what makes it tick, why these products have become your products, what you do to make them so special, so unique. There is nobody who can talk about what you do and how you feel when you do it, better than you.
  2. If someone asks you something and you don’t know the answer – don’t panic. Be truthful and say you will do your best to find out the answer. Then do it! Not only will it help you when the question is asked again- which it will be, but it will create a relationship with that prospective customer, a dialogue. If they don’t ant to hear what the answer is then maybe they weren’t a prospective customer after all. Never fudge your answer – customers will see through it.
  3. Think ahead of 3 things you can say about your business. Maybe have 1 as an ice breaker, 1 about you as a business owner and 1 about your product (or 1 of your products in great detail). Have these 3 things ready in your head to be spoken without having to think about them. Nerves kick in when we don’t know what to say. Remember, a conversation is a 2-way thing. You are not expected to do the whole dialogue on your own!
  4. Don’t overthink what others are thinking! Be knowledgeable about your products. Smile. If you worry what others are thinking as you are speaking, you are not using all your brainpower to think about what you are saying. If you find your mind wandering, imagine an image of what you are talking about and get re-focused.
  5. Even if you are shy, appear approachable. There is nothing worse as a customer approaching a stall to be greeted with the owner sat reading a book and not even acknowledging you. If the customer is as shy as you are, how will they feel confident in getting your attention? Have your ice breaker phrase in your head. Smile – again!

There are shy customers, just as there are shy business owners. If you come across as genuine and passionate about your business that will be seen over and above your shyness. We would love to help you be confident in being your own boss and realising your dream. Contact us at Create to see how we can help.