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I've always had a feeling somewhere in the pit of my stomach that there

was something else I was meant to do. It's not that I wasn't happy in

what I was doing but I felt like I had the potential to do something

else which in turn would make me happier. I've always had a creative

streak and always enjoyed creating and having a go at things that I'd

seen; I like small details and love using my time to make an occasion, a

party, a gift, that little bit extra special. When I started my own

family, my life and the way I lived it began to change and I wanted to

change with it. How?

Well, I had no idea I just knew I wanted to spend more time with my children whilst they were little, use my time more

creatively and be there for the all the little things in life that were

hugely important to myself and my family without having to juggle work

commitments into the mix. So I started looking and looking for something

out there that suited me, the lifestyle I wanted to create and my

family's needs. I went back and forth from one thing to another, from

running baby and toddler classes to running markets, and after having

thought long and hard about them I decided against them, mainly due to

franchise fees and the lack of flexibility and creativity, which for me

was so important.

I wanted ownership and lots of scope to develop

something that reflected my personality and the opportunity to grow a

business which could be whatever I wanted it to be. But then came the

realisation of how that was going to be achievable. I have no background

in business, marketing and no actual skills in anything creative. I

felt quite downhearted and at a loss as I knew the lifestyle I longed

for but didn't know how to create it.

Then I came across the Keepsake Co. purely because I love keepsakes myself and was still looking for an

avenue to fulfill my creative needs! The thing that stood out the most

was that it wasn't a franchise, this would be all mine, I would receive a

huge amount of product training along with business and marketing

training and an emphasis on being my own successful boss with a bucket

load of support. Well it sounded to good to be true. So the skeptical

side of me tried to convince myself that it couldn't be this simple but

the hopeful side of me told me to take a chance, make contact and see

what happens. I did just that and I was very pleased to find a real

person behind the scenes.

This may sound strange but I didn't want to

send my hard earned savings to some big company where you never see or

hear a real person. Not only was she real, she was extremely helpful and

personable too! The thing that helped me take the leap was how easy it

was to connect with a like minded person who has been there before and

realised that we're not all the same and we're not all looking for the

same thing. Victoria worked with me, very patiently, whilst I decided

what was right for me and designed a package to suit. You can really

just start small, go in on a moderate level or just fully jump in and go

for it. I did the latter but that's just me! Saying that I'm a very

cautious person and I made sure everything was just right before I

joined and this was never a problem.

Once I had taken the leap I felt liberated, could I really do this? And

yes I could and I am, but I have to stress it is what you make it and it

takes a lot of commitment and hard work but if you've got the drive

you'll make it happen. Now, I am only a little way into my journey for

my something better but I now have a clear vision of the type of

business I want to develop and I now have the skills and knowledge to go

with it. I have accessed all the product training and started making


The videos and content are super easy to access and very

informative and there's always support there if you need it. I attended

in person training (and yes Victoria was a real person, hurrah!) which

was lovely and the training was great and it was nice to connect with

Victoria in person and chat about my business future and her business

experience. I am in no way technically minded and having the website and

logo included was an absolute must for me, without it I wouldn't have

had a clue where to start and then probably given up.

I am currently finalising my logo design, and the team there have been amazing and

nothing is ever too much trouble. So that's it so far, I am building it

up at my own pace, around my family commitments and I'm making it work. I

am super excited to start on my website and launch it very soon. If

you're thinking about it don't be afraid to ask all the questions you

have, it's so easy to let the unknown take over and then it seems too

daunting to do anything about it. Victoria has been in our shoes, she

has children, a busy life and she knows exactly where she started so

she's always happy to help. I'm excited to see not what the future

brings, but what I make of bringing the future to me :)

Rebecca, on the brink of launching my first ever business in 2019! Watch this space!

Your Mentor

Victoria Casebourne
Victoria Casebourne

Victoria has been living on the front lines of being a successful entrepreneur and business owner for the majority of her life. Sixteen years ago, she founded The Keepsake Company while in her early 20s, and it is still going strong. She is not a flash in the pan trying to push her latest six-figure business strategy or franchise scheme to the masses. In business, she’s been there, knows what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Draw on her experience, and let her be your guide to building the business of your dreams.

Victoria is not someone you would see in mainstream business education. She believes that running your own company is the gateway to building a life on your terms. It is essential that you approach this endeavor in such a way that gives you the life you are dreaming of rather than simply creating a business that just becomes another boring and tedious job with even more pressure

Victoria has already helped hundreds of people, especially women, start their own companies over the past 12 years. Now, she has condensed all her business lessons, everything she can think of, to help someone who is about to jump into this incredible journey. She knows it isn’t all lunch meetings and lie-ins, but it can be a lifestyle about creating something of worth that will become your legacy.

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