Create Your Way To Success Framework

Creativity. Collaboration. Connection.

Being in business can be a long and lonely path...

...or it can open up a whole new world of friendship and support you never knew existed. Until now.

Here is our Mission at CREATE your way to success.

"We help creative entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals so they can enjoy the life they are designing for themselves without overwhelm, burnout and a feeling of failure despite working like a crazy person. "

What we can offer you as a member

By connecting truly amazing and generous creative entrepreneurs into one supportive community you can’t help but create magic. Here is what you can expect to gain from joining today and being a part of the movement.


This is not just a jam packed course (see curriculum below) but a complete framework to help you to create your way to success step by step. This is perfect if you have been thinking there must be more for you in this world but are not sure what and just need a place to start, perhaps you already run your own business and are looking for additional creative income streams or perhaps you are looking for clever ways to boost your existing creative business without adding to your workload.

One of the danger points of being a creative entrepreneur is the "shiny shiny syndrome" where you go from one shiny object to another and fail to actually make any money. This system is designed to get you intentional about your success and making money without it consuming every inch of your life. As a creative you are not able to "pick one thing" and the thought of it fills you with doom BUT the good thing is that you don't have to do this. You just need some structure to make sure you make money AND have time to play with shiny new tools.


We believe the answer lies in connecting with people just like you so you can collaborate in ways which boost both businesses while building a firm friendship along the way which is often lacking when you run your own business.

As a business owner we have to wear many hats but what if we didn't have to and simply selected the most comfortable hats for us and then found other people who would be happy to wear the other hats for us in return for a small part of the rewards. Believe me when I say that working WITH something is far more fun than working alone.


Being a true creative can feel frustrating at times as you just can't fit into a mould. Instead of fitting into someone else's cookie cutter system you would rather design your own cookie cutter and make sure you do it in a material which has never been done before and in a colour which rocks the world around you.

You can feel like you are broken as you just don't fit in as you think differently.

You are not prepared to settle for the normal which clouds everyone elses worlds and you struggle in ways that your friends will simply never understand as they are not you.

This is why connection to fellow creatives is super important as it gives you the confidence to be more "YOU". You realise that you are not broken but in-fact something so blooming special that you really could change the world with what is in your heart. When you meet people who 'get it' you start to relax and stop fighting against yourself as you feel safe to let that pure genius come out.

We spend our early adult life trying to conform and fit in yet us creatives were never born to fit in. We were born to create a whole new reality for us and those who are brave enough to come along for the ride.

Your Mentor


Victoria, Founder of The Keepsake Company, has built up her own creative business to six figures twice (with a baby break in-between).

With her 16 years business experience she has an abundance of experience to share with fellow creatives and knows first hand what it is like to have a butterfly brain which is attracted to shiny new things. However, she intuitively knows how to navigate through towards success without killing that creative spark which makes you who you are.

Victoria's experience runs between how to sell your products into retail chains, how to open up your own high street gift stop, how to sell online and how to package up your creativity into digital training and packages.

During her 16 years of entrepreneurship Victoria has tested many models and marketing ideas and her passion is now sharing it with brave creative entrepreneurs who are out there making their dreams come true.

Follow Our Signature CREATE business system detailed below to help you navigate through overwhelm and set up your business step by step, in your own time and in your own way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What's the difference between the three levels?
Each level is designed to meet you in your zone of genius and then allows you to connect and collaborate with other creative people with a slightly different genius which would compliment and enhance yours. It may be that you want to do a bit of everything so if this is the case please ensure you select the highest level. So if you want to make AND sell please register as a Maker… if you want to design AND sell then please register as a Designer.
What type of support do I get?
As part of your membership you will receive access to a peer led Facebook Group full of amazing creative talents just like you. We are your hosts and will work behind the scenes supporting you gently where we can by bringing in experts to talk to you, providing structure and guidance to help you build an amazing income doing what you love while also supporting other women to build an amazing income doing what they love. We are also available for 1-2-1 support by the half hour (fees apply) as and when you need some expert guidance or tuition.
I believe I can add value to the group by offering support services, supplies or other business activities, how can I get involved?
We ABSOLUTELY want to talk to you if you think you can offer some value to our members. Please get in touch!

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