The CREATE Framework

We are not only set to become THE MOST AMAZING supportive and talented community on the planet for creative entrepreneurs BUT we also want to give you access to training and resources to help you achieve your goals (both business and personal). To ensure we reach our mission of helping you do this without overwhelm we have created a business growth framework around “CREATE” and will fit our training courses into the various levels within this framework so you only have to worry about the stage you are at NOW and relax knowing you can get to the other parts when you are ready. Building a business really is a process and if you try and rush it then you put yourself under unnecessary pressure and risk the wheels coming off before you have the skills to stabilize yourself.

What are the 6 Steps to Success

There are 6 Steps to take you from Concept to Elevating to Success. Think about where you are on the process and commit to working there and not thinking about the steps ahead. They will come when you are ready

Here is a quick overview:

Get Crystal Clear On My concept Make My Concept A Reality Enter The Market Review & Adjust Test & Measure Elevate & Scale

C. Concept. This is all about becoming crystal clear on your concept, your values and what you are trying to do.

R. Reality. This phase is all about taking your concept and making into a reality as quickly as possible. This part is all about fast action and understanding that progress is better than perfection.

E. Enter The Market. This phase is about taking your new business and entering the market with a launch strategy and getting those first few sales under your belt.

A. Adjust. Now is time to look at the results, how you are feeling and make any tweaks you feel are necessary.

T. Test and Measure. This phase is a cycle between A and T to ensure you have ironed out any issues and you are learning about what is working for you. It is all about trying marketing and working out what is working for you and what you can forget about in the future.

E. Elevate. Now you know it is all working for you you can start to scale. From outsourcing and getting smart about your time through to mindset shifts you need to make to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Here is a replay of a 60 min presentation on the CREATE path to give you an overview of the process we wish to take you on.