We posted a blog recently on how to improve traffic to your website – Top Tips 1 to 5. We received such good feedback on it that we thought we would give you more tips – from 6-10! Improving traffic to your webpage will increase the chances of getting all important customers. So how do you get your webpage noticed?

6. Friends & Family

This seems so obvious but make sure that you ask your friends and family to share a link to your website – they are normally our biggest fans! Drop them a message and tell them you could really use the support. It costs them nothing and usually they’re more than happy to help out.
Imagine howmany more people this will get you in front of. People also love to buy from businesses
they trust and have been recommended to them – so this works perfectly! The more people that visit your page, the more Google thinks you have a worthy site with lots of traffic and the more likely it will bring it up on its lead pages.

7. Run a Competition

Use your social media pages to run a competition which will drive traffic to your site. In order to win
perhaps they need to visit the site and find their favourite product? Get creative about ways that you could make this work. If you boost your post, it’s sure to increase traffic to your site.

8. Newsletters

Send out regular newsletters to your subscribers. Use links in the content to direct them to the site with more information on a product or your most recent blog post. Be sure to send your newsletters on a regular basis and try to focus on making sure they have a fabulous headline so that your customers want to open them.

9. Work with Bloggers

Try and work with Bloggers who work in the same niche as you. They are always looking for new brands and product to promote to their community. Imagine if even one Blogger featured you how many new potential customers you could get looking at your site. People really trust Bloggers to only promote businesses that they believe in. With a little bit of hard work, we’re sure you could
work with at least one Blogger to increase traffic to your site.

10. Regularly Update Your Site to improve traffic to your webpage

Ensure that you are regularly updating your site with fresh content. This could be new products, imagery, updating product descriptions – the list is endless! Like we mentioned previously, Google LOVES this. It makes them see that your site is live, active and not being neglected. It will massively help out your Google rankings. So try and set some time aside each week to go into your website and make some updates – even if they are just small.
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