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Victoria TechLab
Victoria TechLab

Victoria graduated from University with a first degree in Computer Science but soon became unsatisfied with living the life of a Software Engineer. While she COULD code and make things happen it wasn't setting her heart on fire.

Fast forward a few years and she managed to break out and become an Creative Entrepreneur which was made possible because of her love and natural talent with understanding technology and getting it to do what she wanted.

She now combines her creative thinking along with her programming skills to save her time in her business and basically find clever ways to get the technology available to us all to actually do some work for her.

Not only does she love working these clever tricks out she also loves to share them with other busy entrepreneaurs too (luckily for you!) so you can save time in your business and have more time for the things you love (as surely this is why we became entrpreneurs in the first place?)

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