Starting A Keepsake Business: Information Pack

Everything you need to know (and more!) about starting your own keepsake business

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Our main aim with this course is to help you move from "not sure" so 100% knowing that this is either the right thing for you or is 100% not the right thing for you.

Please don't spend the next year shrouded in indecision as time will pass if you make a decision or whether you don't. The problem is that NOTHING will change for you until you make that decision and if you are looking at this page then the chances are you want something to change.

So come and delve in to our materials for free and let's see if we can help you decide on what your next move will be.

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Victoria x

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Victoria, Founder of The Keepsake Company, has built up her own creative business to six figures twice (with a baby break in-between).

With her 16 years business experience she has an abundance of experience to share with fellow creatives and knows first hand what it is like to have a butterfly brain which is attracted to shiny new things. However, she intuitively knows how to navigate through towards success without killing that creative spark which makes you who you are.

Victoria's experience runs between how to sell your products into retail chains, how to open up your own high street gift stop, how to sell online and how to package up your creativity into digital training and packages.

During her 16 years of entrepreneurship Victoria has tested many models and marketing ideas and her passion is now sharing it with brave creative entrepreneurs who are out there making their dreams come true.

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